Mapped IDs

Include/exclude samples

Expression levels

Missing values cutoff

Set maximum number allowed missing values for each condition.
To proceed without removing any proteins with missing values, set the cutoff to a value higher than the number of samples / conditions

Validate IDs

Please note: Depending on the number of IDs, this process may take a long time to run.

Convert IDs

Insert a list of identifiers. Separators are automatically detected.

Assess goodness-of-fit

Find closest human homologue using BLAST.

Generate report

Exports generated content to an Rmarkdown document

Generate report

PCA settings

Please review pairing mode under Settings

Heatmap settings

Sample correlation

Set contrasts

Which treatments should be compared?

Please review pairing mode under Settings
Display only proteins that have:

Pathway settings

Selected pathway info

Network settings

Selection criteria

Protein info


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Target organism

Identifier type

Differential expression